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So for about a year now I have been involved with a podcast called Nerd Effect.  In this podcast we started a role-playing show called The Initiative.  I'm running the game for this show (Pathfinder/Steam-punk) and just for fun started using LEGO Digital Designer to make characters and scenes from the game.  And since my deviantART page has not seen any use for quite some time I figured I'll start posting some of my LEGO creations here.  Feel free to let me know what you think :)

You can check out the show at

The move is done... actually, been done for about a month. My car didn't do so well on the drive, but got a replacement car for the mean time. Important thing is I got here... and in one piece to boot!

Now if I could just get a steady job... :p
Moving back home. Gonna be in Boise, Idaho by July.

Decided to just go back and finish school there, since my school in AZ turned out to be completly incompetent. Besides, all my friends are stuck there, so may as well be stuck with good company. What are friends for anyway?

Haven't made any entries for a while, but I am still around. Check out my first addition to my scrapbook ;)
I have a job, I'm still in school, and I have an affordable place to live. Now I can go back to TAKING OVER THE WORLD with my superior intelectual stuff.

Yay! Not only have I been unemployed for a month and a half, but I got evicted on Christmas Eve. :p Something about the holiday season alwaise sucks. But at least I started a new job and found some freinds who have an open couch to crash on.

My New Years resolution is to not make a resolution... that's working fairly well. I also managed to stay in school, so not everything is as bleak as it appeares. Started taking 3DS MAX classes and I'm having fun with that. I'll have to post my work for everyone to see, as soon as I have something finished.
I'm living in the Phoenix, AZ area now, but still don't have internet at home. Gonna have some stuff from Animation class to post when I'm fully back online.

Gonna be off-line for at least a week. I'm moving to Arizona and not sure how long it will be till I have internet again.
It's started, but got a lot more coming. Most of my stuff here will be work's in progress from diffrent prodjects. Let me know what ya like and don't like ;)